The Camillus Kayak Shop is the only U.S. importer of Zegul and Tahe kayaks. The performance of these kayaks is unbelievably great and they are priced to make headway into the United States. Folks come from all over this Country to try and buy. Most famous, beyond doubt is the Zegul Greenland. This is the kayak Dubside used at the East Coast Canoe & Kayak Festival the years Camillus Kayak participated, to demo and teach rolling. The Tahe Reval Mini LC is a personal favorite of Kitt’s wife, coming in at 38 pounds full carbon version. The clever, responsive and quick kayak is adored by everyone who tries it! The Zegul Baidarka is striking and one of the fastest kayaks you will ever paddle, with ample room for camping gear.  The shop has several models and versions of most in stock and accepts custom orders.  Every model of both Zegul and Tahe is tried by Kitt, who tests for stability and performance. Additionally, customers interested in purchasing any of the Tahe or Zegul kayaks are offered a test paddle at nearby Gillie Lake. Several models are always featured at the annual Demo Day, also held at Gillie Lake, on Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Read the online reviews of these kayaks and you will be impressed; actually try one and you will be sold. They are priced well below similar models of Epic and Current Design, Boreal and P&H kayaks.