The Zegul kayak line targets more advanced and dedicated paddlers. Zegul features fast racing kayaks, play kayaks, and the famous Greenland series. Quality is reflected in every single detail. Carefully designed and tested hulls provide excellent performance. Sleek lines and crocodile deck pattern give a distinctive look to all the Zegul models. These high-end kayaks are built with only the most innovative and high-tech materials.

These lay-ups are available on Zegul kayaks:

  • 3D C-Core; finished with a clear barbon hull, which takes years of experience to be done correctly. The method combines vacuum infusion with the high performance properties of special marine grade epoxy resin and several types of carbon fiber, carbon/aramide and glass multi-axial fabrics to create the hightest quality carbon core kayaks in the industry.
  • Rock Solid: Arrow kayaks developed this construction and Tahe took it a step further, adding another layer of glass/Kevlar, making the laminate stronger and stiffer. The positioning of the pure Kevlar keel strip was slightly changed to give even better results. Improvements to the outer finish of the keel strip made it smoother and more even.
  • Full Carbon; deck and hull; this is the lightest layup; kayak should be stored inside to minimize sun damage.
  • A-Core: These kayaks are built with a sandwich reinforced keep area – ensuring scratch and impact strength. The hull and deck are joined with both fiberglass and aramide taping internally, and a robust aramide taping on the outside.
  • HDPE: 3 layers; high density polyethylene, polyethylene foam and medium density polyethylene.

There are currently 16 models of Zegul kayaks, and a wide range of color choices.