Zegul Baidarka Skeg Kayak

Zegul Baidarka Skeg Kayak


In the 1700’s, Russian sailors sailing the Aleutian Islands gave this uniquely-shaped kayak the name „Baidarka” meaning „small boat”.

The lower portion of its upswept bow is extremely narrow, allowing for clean entry lines, while the upper bow is fuller and wider, increasing buoyancy, causing the Baidarka to rise over the oncoming waves. Baidarkas are known for their unusually fast speed. With their Swede form shape and high volume stern they produce an incredibly high hull speed.

Our Baidarka Kayak is designed for the paddler who desires a unique looking boat with performance, light weight and beauty.


Length548 cm (18′)
Width55 cm (21¾”)
Capacity Approx140 kg (309 lbs)
Cockpit72 × 40 cm (28¼” × 15 ¾”)
Weight A-Core25–27 kg (55–59 lbs)
Weight 3D C-Core21–23 kg (46–51 lbs)
Weight Rock Solid25–27 kg (55–59 lbs)
Weight Full Carbon19–21 kg (42–46 lbs)


Storage: Frontfront: round hatch: 24 cm (10’’)
Storage: Rearrear: oval hatch: 44/ 26 cm (17’’ x 10¼)
Sprayskirt sizeS: 76 x 49,5 cm (30“ x 19½“)