Tahe Marine Lifestyle Duo PE Kayak

Tahe Marine Lifestyle Duo PE Kayak


Lifestyle Duo PE is a unique family boat with complete package of speed, control, and comfort.

It is suitable for medium to large sized paddlers. The rather large cockpit provides much easier and comfortable entry to the kayak. The shallow arch hull type has been designed keeping initial stability in mind. Therefore we think that this kayak is a very good choice for beginner paddlers, but not only. Lifestyle Duo is equipped with one round and one oval hatch for easier packing and access to your equipment. This kayak is equipped in standard with a rudder system. The customers who choose their kayak from the lifestyle series will be the most pleasantly surprised. With the oversized cockpits and increased stability, some may think these are just meant for beginners, but our design team has far exceeded expectations. Though these kayaks are extremely stable, they have exceptional handling and a surprising amount of speed.


Length525 cm (17’3”)
Width69 cm (27”)
Capacity Approx260 kg (573 lbs)
Cockpit96×53 cm (37¾”x20⅚”)
Cockpit depth32 cm (12½”)


Weight PE35-37 kg (77-81 lbs)
Storage: Frontround hatch: 24 cm (10’’)
Storage: Rearoval hatch 44×26 cm (17”x10¼’’)
Sprayskirt size2XL: 101 x 54.5 cm (39¾” x 21½”)