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Tahe Marine construction information & how to choose your kayak

Tahe Marine Kayaks has concentrated over the years in developing manufacturing techniques together with the composite and thermoplast industry. We use the newest materials and up-to-date production methods. Tahe Marine branded kayaks are built with following hi-tech constructions:


This construction is developed together with racing kayak material suppliers. The key element in this lay-up is the new 98% recyclable HD core material, providing very tough but light weight laminates. This combined with light weight glass composite fabrics giving a 10–15% weight reduction compared to our regular TGC construction.


This composite construction method was launched in Tahe Marine range during 2009 season, due to the demand from our customers. Although 2009 season being more like a custom option, Tahe Kayaks decided to implement it from 2010 season as a standard lay-up option. In this lay-up the carbon/aramide reinforcement increases durability and stiffness of the kayak, absorbing even less energy during paddling and withstanding the most challenging environments.


Do not confuse this with vacuum bagging! Vacuum infusing is one of the most advanced construction methods used in the composite industry. This production method ensures the best strength/weight ratio possible. Tahe Outdoors as a company launched this production method very successfully in the year of 2005. We have been building our Tahe Marine carbon range ever since. Here we are combining the high-performance properties of marine grade epoxy resin with several types of carbon fibre, carbon/aramide and glass fabrics to create very high-end products with smooth and clear carbon look.


In 2009 season, Tahe Outdoors launched their first triple layer high density polyethylene kayak with moulded in inserts in several colour options. We believed it to become a very successful method of extending our range of materials and products. By 2012 we had launched total of seven RM kayaks, four of it only for 2012 season. In 2012 season we upgraded our construction to a new superlinear HD polyethylene material both in skin and in sandwich. Helping us to build even tougher and lighter weight boats for the waterspout industry.

In 2013 we implemented mould in graphics to all of our RM kayaks. For 2014 we are happy to inform You that we introduce 7 new RM kayaks into the Tahe Marine product portfolio, including 5 in single layer superlinear HD polyethylene material giving our customers even a wider range of plastic kayaks from recreational SOT’s to triple layer sea and touring kayaks.


This method combines the good properties of the ABS material in the hull and fiberglass technology in the deck lay-up. In this production method the hulls are thermoformed giving the kayak a higher impact resistant surface, reinforced with the great experience of the composite industry. The decks are built out of fiberglass materials combined with sandwich construction.This production method is one of the innovations of the industry giving the paddler a very durable performance orientated product.

Hull types

round_kayak_hull_img Chined_kayak_hull_type Shallow V shaped kayak hull shallow_arch_kayak_hull Flat_kayak_hull
Round hull
Extremely fast for
more dedicated users
Hard chine
Well defined edge gives
the opportunity to keep
the kayak tilted, stable
and moderately fast
Shallow “V”
Very fast and improved
tracking with a good
Shallow arch
Very stable and highly
Flat hull
Very stable and suitable
for beginners who
paddle in calm waters
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