Tahe Reval Mini LC2
I’ve only been out twice, but so far the Tahe Reval mini LC is everything I asked for; Light-Weight, fast speed, and responsive.
Yesterday I only did about 5 miles, but paddling upstream on the Oswego River, I easily could cruise at 5-5.5 MPH (per gps). It was a long day so I didn’t push much, but hitting 6 mph was easily doable. Today I was out longer. Paddled in Oswego Harbor and out past the lighthouse. Not much waves but with winds about 10 mph, creating quite a cross chop. I didn’t push too far, as I was alone, but the boat tracked well, was very stable and took seas and wind nicely.
Paddled up river against the current past two bridges and the boat didn’t flinch on the currents or eddy lines. I felt really stable and am gaining a lot of confidence in the boat.

The light weight makes it a dream. The color is great and I like the workmanship so far. I wish the backrest was easier to adjust. I took one side up a position, and will do the other tomorrow. Thanks for your recommendations and service.