Have you ever wondered what the recently completed west side trail looks like from the water? The water at the North end of the Lake is astoundingly clear; fish are abundant and quite visible everywhere! It’s actually incredible how many fish you will see – it’s like looking into an aquarium teaming with fish. In early June, the fish will be spawing near the shoreline.

The Camillus Kayak Shop, starting June 1, will offer kayak and stand-up paddleboard rentals in Long Branch Park at Willow Bay, near the S.U. Boathouse. Brand new recreational kayaks and user-friendly (beginner) paddleboards will be available along with some basic instruction. If you’re a SUP’r who has never tried kayaking or a kayaker who has never tried SUP’ing, this will be a great opportunity. Hourly rentals and week-day specials! Our rental sit on top and sit in kayaks are twelve feet in length. These are better than the usual rental offerings and more enjoyable for recreational kayakers. Tandems will also be offered. Located at the nicest launch area on the lake, it is close to the rest rooms,  bike/walking trail, and is also near the pavilion and parking area.

We have everything you need to get out and enjoy the waters of Willow Bay at Onondaga Lake Park. Rent a boat, a kayak, or a standup paddleboard and make your day at one of Liverpool, New York’s best parks even better.

What people are saying about Willow Bay Rentals:

  • Reasonable prices and a nice area. For a tandem it was 30 for the first hour and 20/hr after that, for single it’s half that. They also have paddleboats and stand up paddleboards.
  • Super friendly owner with helpful instructions and tips out on the water. Beautiful location. My friend and I had a great time paddle boarding and I’m sure I’ll be back–Thank you!

Is Kayaking Really For You?

By Lyn J Rayner

There are many individuals that just can’t seem to find an activity or sport that gives them the thrill that they are looking for. Kayaking may just be what they want, but before making that decision its important to understand what this amazing sport is all about.

One of the many great features about kayaking is that there are so many levels to it. For those that don’t want anything too demanding or daring, then they can certainly get a great deal of pleasure out of remaining in calm waters and enjoying kayaking this way.

It most cases though the new kayaker soon grows tired of the basics and is ready to move onto some real adventure. This is where it really gets interesting. It is not a sport however that does not hold some danger to it. It is imperative that anyone that is kayaking stay within their comfort zone until they possess the skills to move onto the next level.

When first starting out into this sport you may want to consider renting equipment as opposed to buying it. After a period of time of enjoying this activity you can then make the decision whether you want to continue and become more involved with it, both in time and money.

The first aspect that you will need to learn is the safety aspects. These are most important, and then from there you can progress onto learning positions and strokes. These are something that you will need to practice until you have fully mastered them. These are what is going to keep you in control of your kayak and direction.

Once you are ready to make an investment in kayak equipment there will be lots to learn here as well. First will be the type of safety items and gear that you will need. You will find that there is a list of “must have” items, then a selection of accessory items that are nice to have, but are not mandatory for the sport.

Once you have all of your equipment you will also want to learn how to care for and store it. Repair basics will be good to know as well.

You may soon find yourself becoming involved in clubs. Eventually you will want to venture out into different levels of whitewater kayaking, which is sure to give you all the thrills and excitement you are seeking in an activity.

There is much to learn about kayaking and rapid sports, but you can bet that not one moment of it will be classed as boring.

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