Kayak & SUP Rentals Onondaga Lake Willow Bay

Have you ever wondered what the recently completed west side trail looks like from the water? The water at the North end of the Lake is astoundingly clear; fish are abundant and quite visible everywhere! It’s actually incredible how many fish you will see – it’s like looking into an aquarium teaming with fish. In early June, the fish will be spawing near the shoreline.

The Camillus Kayak Shop, starting June 1, will offer kayak and stand-up paddleboard rentals in Long Branch Park at Willow Bay, near the S.U. Boathouse. Brand new recreational kayaks and user-friendly (beginner) paddleboards will be available along with some basic instruction. If you’re a SUP’r who has never tried kayaking or a kayaker who has never tried SUP’ing, this will be a great opportunity. Hourly rentals and week-day specials! Our rental sit on top and sit in kayaks are twelve feet in length. These are better than the usual rental offerings and more enjoyable for recreational kayakers. Tandems will also be offered. Located at the nicest launch area on the lake, it is close to the rest rooms,  bike/walking trail, and is also near the pavilion and parking area.