How Stand Up Paddle Boarding Can Benefit You

By Thomas Cross

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is FUN! The use of stand up paddle boards has had a huge increase in popularity recently. While it is a different surfing style some surfers say it might be easier than traditional surfing. These boards were first used for learning to surf, but as time passed it developed into its own sport. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy the unique view of the water and it can be used in more than just ocean waters - you can use a paddle board in rivers, bays and lakes to have tons of fun while getting a great workout.

Beginners and novices that want to purchase a paddle board should test one out first by renting from a local surf shop that carries them for rent. Since your first board could be a big purchase it is better to try it out if possible. Internet research can go a long way to helping better understand and finding information on the subject at first. While many surf shops carry these boards most have a limited number of models and design to choose from, so it may take a some time to find the right board for your skill level. An alternative to visiting numerous surf shops is to use the internet for finding the right one.

Looking for equipment online will save you tons of time and effort finding the right board that fits your needs. The internet provides many sites offering a large array of designs, styles, and shapes of equipment. Doing some research will help you find the right board at the right price in a short amount of time compared to traditional shopping. Many online retailers of paddle boards provide pictures and descriptions of each they offer with boards being shipped to your destination of choice. These benefits can help you decide which board is right for you much easier. Once you find what you are looking for in a paddle board it is easy to compare prices and equipment from many different sites so you get the best deal for your money. You can also then compare what is comparable at your local surf shop if you want to get your hands on a board before actually buying.

Although some say it is easier than typical surfing, it can be tricky as well. The increasing popularity of paddle boards and sups cannot be denied - just go to your local surf spot and see how many there are now-a-days. This methods of surfing gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature while being in the water and having fun. So go rent or buy a paddle board and get out and enjoy the exciting new craze taking hold of beaches everywhere. It's an exciting sport offering a great work-out while getting in touch with nature. You'll be amazed at the fun you'll be having.

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How Stand Up Paddle Boarding Can Benefit You

How Stand Up Paddle Boarding Can Benefit You
By Frank Giacomo

Stand Up Paddle Boarding offers you a fantastic all over workout, as you use both strength and balance to stay upright and move yourself through the water. The intensity of your workout will vary, depending on where you use your paddle board. Paddling upstream in a river or out in the ocean with the current and the waves will mean a more intense work out. If you spend more time drifting with the tide then you will have a more gentle training session.

Fitness benefits

The obvious benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the increase in your level of fitness. It is a great sport for cross-training as you will find that you use muscles in your legs, arms, back, stomach and even your feet. As well as the paddling you will use a lot of different muscles simply balancing on the board, which gives you more of a workout than you realise. If you are interested in both an aerobic and a strength work out then this is the perfect sport.

Health benefits

As a sport it has a lot of benefits over other activities. Unlike running you won't experience any jarring to joints or muscles, and it is also a non-contact sport, so unless you have a run in with a large wave, you can avoid the bumps, bruises and heavy knocks involved with sports like football and rugby. It is also a great sport to help you de-stress. Whether you decide to take a gentle paddle up a river or get out amongst the waves, Stand Up Paddle Boarding can be enjoyed wherever there is a body of water, and what better place to relax and appreciate the scenery. Any activity that gets us outdoors has enormous health benefits, so enjoy the fresh air, the sun and the exercise.


Learning to Stand Up Paddle Board does take a bit of practice as you need to balance on the board while paddling. Expect to fall over a few times to start with. For improving your general co-ordination the paddle board is perfect and you will really need to work the muscles in your legs to keep upright.

Can't surf, not a problem

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great alternative to surfing, particularly if you have trouble surfing, or if you have friends that are surfers and you feel a bit left out. This way you can get out on the water too and you will have a fantastic vantage point. You can still catch waves, just like you would on a surf board, and as well as the bigger waves you can also ride the smaller or 'messier' waves that a surfer would not be able to. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is more versatile too, so you can head into quieter waters, paddle up river or even use it on a lake. It is also great if you suffer from back problems, because while surfing, you are lying on the board and arching your back.

Sense of achievement

Importantly you will experience a great sense of achievement when you learn to use your paddle board. Don't expect to be able to ride the monster waves to begin with. Remember, practice makes perfect.

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash