Liquid Shredder 12 Lake Paddleboard


This Hi Speed stand up paddleboard is Great for Touring and racing in Flatwater. It is a high performance flat water racer. PATENTED Super light weight ALUMINUM- Stringer System. Great for core workouts, racing and paddling in flat


  • 12ft x 31.5″ x 4.7″
  • Wt. 29 lbs
  • Vol. 240 lts.
  • Riders up to 300lbs
    • LS 12ft Lake SUP Stand Up PaddleBoard
    • Anti-Slip Deck Pad
    • Dual Aluminum Stringers
    • 1ea 7” Center Fin
    • Bow Cargo Tie Points
    • Carry Handle
Liquid Shredder 12 Lake Paddleboard