The Quoddy Light

Lincoln Quoddy Light Kayak

Get out there! Drive out to the lake, put in at the shore, or trek up to the Allagash. You don’t have to be an expert to experience the beauty of the outdoors that only a kayak can deliver. Your adventure awaits, the Quoddy Light Kayak can take you there. Our smallest kayak, the Quoddy Light is very stable and easy to paddle It tracks well and maneuvers smoothly in calm water or under more challenging conditions. Ideal for the beginner to intermediate paddler, at 30lbs, it’s also a breeze to carry and load on and off your vehicle. Bow and stern compartments, which are standard, offer storage for a full day of paddling and exploring. Stable, lightweight, maneuverable. Just about perfect.

Quoddy Light Specs