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clearwater Fx accent

Clearwater Series

The translucent Clearwater series is constructed using a continuous weave tri-axial fiberglass which increases torsional stiffness and responsiveness. Coupled with a proprietary carbon lay-up shaft, the Clearwater delivers low swing weight and optimal efficiency.

FX Series

Entrants or those who would just simply like to try the feel of the accent line should consider the FX series with a foam core fiberglass blade and a fiberglass shaft. It is a paddle that excels in the water, known for its longevity and superb swing weight.

Diamond Series

The Diamond series represents the finest materials used in kayak paddle manufacturing. Each paddle is made by hand using a continuous carbon weave over a foam core for incredibly low swing weight. The Diamond series configuration is made up of a carbon twill straight or neutral shaft, and an all carbon blade. Want to get even lighter? Try our Diamond (He) named after the element Helium. These paddles are so light; you'll have to tie them down!

clearwater fx diamond