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Elie Kayaks Technologies and Materials


Used in all Elie kayaks, three-layer Poly-XR™ material is 30% more rigid than standard polyethylene, thanks to an advanced resin in the top layer. Our designers use less material to deliver the same incredible durability – resulting in a lighter and stiffer kayak that is easier to paddle, maneuver, even lift on top of your car.

Ergoflex Seating SystemTM

Backrest flexes with you through the paddling stroke for optimal support. You can adjust its height to fit your position. EVA padded seat eliminates hot spots and supports your thighs on even the longest trips.

Fluid Steering SystemTM rudder

Keeps you on course during challenging maneuvers and strong crosswinds. Stiff, yet light, composite construction adds precision.

Quick Lock Hatch

The ultimate in quick and easy access, a simple quarter turn of the latches opens and closes the watertight hatch.

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