Accent SUP, Standup Paddleboard Paddles

Advantage Hybrid

The Advantage SUP series is a first in the industry. Our new innovative hybrid shaft system utilizes an elastomer grip which encourages lighter grip pressure, reduced tension and increased power. The feel of the Advantage Grip is soft to the touch and the ovaled design will ensure consistent hand placement on every stroke. Get a grip and feel the difference.

Paddle Specifications

AdjustmentLeverLock 16″
Blade MaterialFiberglass Nylon
Shaft MaterialCarbon Smooth Shaft
Surface Area93sq in (600sq cm)
Blade Area18.4 X 47.6cm (7.25 X 18.75”)
Weight29.75 oz (843g)
Blade Angle
Advantage Hybrid Paddle Accent Paddles
  • Revolutionary Hybrid Shaft System
  • Oval elastomer grip design
  • Custom LeverLock 16” of adjustment
  • High Stroke Rate blade design
  • Blade dihedral for confidence inspiring forward strokes
  • Carbon smooth shaft

Indy Tour

The Indy Tour series of SUP paddles provide paddlers of all skill levels the highest level of construction at an affordable price. Each Tour series blade has a foam core and durable ABS outer edge reinforcement material. The blades have a long narrow design for stability and control in the water. The carbon blend shaft transfers more of your paddling power to the water for a more efficient stroke. With our custom LeverLock 16″ adjustment system, the Indy Tour makes for a great family sharing paddle.

Paddle Specifications

Weight2-Piece – 24oz (680g); 3-Piece – 26oz (738g)
Surface area85 sq in (548 sq cm)
Blade Length X Width7.2 X 15.25″ (18.3 X 38.75cm)
Blade Angle

Blade Material

Fiberglass Foam Core

Shaft Material

Carbon Shaft

accent sup indy tour paddle
  • Fiberglass Foam Core Construction
  • A Lee Bonfiglio design
  • HSR – High Stroke Rate
  • Long, narrow blade design provides the fastest stroke rate
  • Advanced dihedral blade design promotes stability and control
  • 16 inch custom Accent LeverLock adjustment system
  • ABS edge reinforcement
  • Not intended for Whitewater use


Accent Paddle’s Octane carbon fiber polymer SUP paddle is the ultimate in recreational SUP paddles.

A Lee Bonfiglio design, the Octane incorporates advanced design features with a smooth carbon shaft creating the perfect marriage of materials. The combination of the Octane’s high cadence blade and the carbon fiber shaft transfers more of your paddling energy to the water for a more efficient stroke. For the recreational paddler, this means fewer strokes, less fatigue and more time on the water. For the performance paddler, it means more speed and efficiency for each stroke.

Accent Octane carbon

Paddle Specifications

Blade MaterialCarbon Reinforced Nylon
Shaft MaterialCarbon Shaft
Blade Area93sq in (600sq cm)
Fixed Shaft22 oz (625g)
Adjustable Shaft27 oz (766g)
3-Piece Adjustable Shaft29 oz (824g)
Blade Angle8 degrees