Accent Kayak Paddles

Air carbon shaft, APX carbon blade

Accent Air carbon shaft, APX carbon blade

Paddle Specifications

The Accent Air, at 24 oz, is the lightest injection molded paddles in the world. The Air is made with a high strength-to-weight ratio carbon shaft and a proprietary resin material in the blades. The advanced blade design incorporates the perfect amount of dihedral angle promoting balance and efficiency in the water.

Blade MaterialAPX
Surface Area558 sq cm
Blade Area6.4″ x 17.25″ (16.3cm x 43.8cm)
Weight24 oz (680g)



Infinity Carbon Adjustable Touring paddle

The Infinity Carbon HA is a mid to high angle touring paddle for the kayaker looking to move more water. Our LeverLock adjustment technology incorporates 20cm of length adjustment and infinite angle adjustment. The dihedral of our blade provides smooth, powerful and balanced forward strokes. The Infinity Carbon is a great choice for families and those wanting many options on the water.

Paddle Specifications

infinity carbon accent paddles blade
Blade MaterialCarbon Polymer
Surface Area98sq in (632sq cm)
Blade Area7.25″ x 17.5″ (18.5cm x 45cm)
Weight29.5 oz (836g)

Select Lanai

Performance at an affordable price. The Lanai is a low angle touring paddle that provides smooth, powerful and efficient strokes by incorporating our advanced dihedral blade design. Carbon fiber shaft, fiberglass polymer blades and the new Kingpin Connection equals an exceptional, affordable performance paddle.

Paddle Specifications

Lanai Blade Accent Paddles
Blade MaterialFiberglass Nylon
Surface Area600 sq cm
Blade Area17cm X 47cm
Carbon Uni Shaft30 oz (851g)

Pro Core Pace

The Pace represents our most advanced design features and with those delivers exceptional performance. The Pace features solid foam construction promoting a buoyant feel on the water. The smooth back of the blade allows for quiet entry and exit of the blade on every stroke. The Pace is the ideal choice for the discerning touring kayaker.

  • Carbon Foam Core Construction
  • Smart dihedral angle promoting ease of use while delivering exceptional stability and performance
  • ABS outer blade edge reinforcement for impact and abrasion resistance
  • Mid-sized low angle blades make for a perfect match for the majority of paddlers
  • Kingpin adjustment system offering 24 different blade angle options
  • Available in carbon straight shaft or optional carbon neutral bent shaft
  • Smooth back construction for stealth like water entry and exit
pro core pace blade accent paddles

Paddle Specifications

Blade MaterialCarbon Foam Core
Shaft MaterialCarbon Twil Shaft
Blade Surface Area100 sq in (645 sq cm)
Carbon Straight Shaft Weight24oz (680g)
Carbon Neutral Bent Shaft Weight27oz (765g)