Accent Kayak & Paddleboard Paddles

Paddle Fitting Guide

Low Angle Kayak Paddlers

Low Angle Kayak Paddlers

Boat Width
HeightUnder 23″23″ – 25″Over 25″
Under 5′210220230
5′ – 5’6″215220230
5’6″ – 6′220220230
Over 6′220230240

Kingpin Adjustment System

Resulting from years of R&D, the Kingpin Adjustment System comes standard on all Accent straight shaft and bent shaft touring paddles in 2015. Offering offset increments of 15 degrees, the Kingpin Adjustment System is the easiest and fastest adjusting incremental offset ferrule on the market. A left hand release button allows most paddlers to keep their control hand firmly gripped to the paddle shaft and only 1/8” of separation is required to adjust the offset. By design, the Kingpin Adjustment system actually tightens the fit of the ferrule, providing the feel of a one piece paddle. Unlike any other, the Kingpin Adjustment system takes paddle offset adjustment to a whole new level and is standard on all Accent straight shaft paddles.

LeverLock Adjustment System

Standard on all adult SUP paddles is our LeverLock adjustment system. The LeverLock adjustment system is as easy to use as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Lift the lever located on the grip. This loosens the adjustment system and allows the user to adjust the size of the paddle to the desired length.
  2. Use the white line on the adjustment system to line up with the arrow label on the paddle shaft to ensure the grip is alignment with the blade.
  3. Close the lever and you’re ready to go paddle.

The LeverLock system uses no push buttons or external clamps to adjust. The LeverLock system is an internal adjustment system that loosens and tightens a rubber plug at the bottom of the adjustment with the lift or closure of its lever. This rubber plug creates a water tight seal against the shaft to keep water out of your paddle and keep it floating if you drop it in the water. With 16 inches of adjustment, the LeverLock will fit paddlers between 5′ – 6’4″ tall. The LeverLock adjustment system makes for a great family sharing system that we are very excited to offer on all of our adult SUP paddles.